Evang. Margaret A. Kiel  is an anointed woman of humility, wisdom, virtue, and she walks in the divine fear of the Lord.

Evangelist Kiel is an outstanding end-time example of true Christianity. She has served faithfully as First Lady of Marshall Full Gospel Holy Temple and has co-pastored with her loving husband, Bishop Larry B. Kiel, Sr. for the past 41 years. Evangelist Kiel’s spiritual roots blossomed under the mighty leadership of Dr. Apostle Lobias Murray and Dr. Evangelist Shirley Murray (Founders and Overseers of the Full Gospel Holy Temple Churches, Inc.) where she is still a faithful servant.

Evangelist Kiel is a young lady highly favored and anointed of God. This anointed vessel of clay walks in victory and is an asset to her husband, the community, the ministry, and to the body of Christ as a whole.

Evangelist Kiel is a fiery and energetic minister. A few of her most notable messages are "God Wrote Them, Man Broke Them, but Ain't Nothing Changed"; "The Worst Is Over And The Best Is Yet To Come"; and one of our favorites is "They Couldn't Read The Handwriting On The Wall." She is a knowledgeable teacher and a true soul winner for Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Kiel is the Adult Sunday School/Bible Class teacher and youth and marriage seminar instructor. She is also founder and president of the Inspirational Choir. She serves as president of the Youth Congress Mass Choir of Dallas and was appointed by Evangelist Shirley Murray to serve as vice-president of the Annual Women's Convention held in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, she renders tireless service as co-director, with her husband of L & S Christian Camp and as co-executive director of L & M Christian Daycare Learning Center. She is also founder and president of the Annual Helping Hand Give-A-Way established in 1983. Since 1983 the helping hand ministry has provided free clothes, food, household items, and toys to the surrounding area.

Evangelist Margaret Kiel is well known in the community and has received various awards. She was awarded the "Women of Excellence Award in Religion" from Wiley College; she also received the key to the city of Memphis from Congresswoman Barbara Swearington-Holt. She is also recipient of the "2006 Woman of Excellence Award" COGIC, Bishop David Houston (Prelate).

Evangelist Kiel has adorned the armor of God and has declared war against Satan and his devices. She has presented herself as a living sacrifice, and God is backing her up with miracles, signs and wonders.


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