By Faith - We've Come This Far  

Established October 29, 1972

The Genesis of the Marshall Ministry began over forty years ago. Bishop Larry B. Kiel, Sr. came to this little East Texas town as a young evangelist with a team of dedicated soul winners and ran a revival in July of 1972. Revival fires began to burn and soon there was a need for the Full Gospel Ministry to be established in this area.
Before coming to East Texas, this active young evangelist had already established a ministry of faithfulness within his home church under the leadership of Dr. Apostle Lobias Murray
Preaching on the street corners all over the Dallas Metroplex was a common thing for this young evangelist, who soon earned the reputation of being the "Fireball". Many doors began to open which led him to be able to minister in other states as well.

Established as faithful, dedicated, hardworking, soul winning, praying young man of God with a mind to work in the vineyard, Elder Murray (at that time) followed the leading of the Lord and sent this anointed young evangelist out as the first Pastor under the Full Gospel Holy Temple Church Ministry.
Early Sunday morning of October 29, 1972 Evangelist Larry B. Kiel, Sr. along with his wife Evangelist Margaret A. Kiel and three small sons Tony, Roderick, and Larry, Jr. were preparing to leave Dallas for the 150 mile journey to be in the first service. Also, an installation service would be held to install them as the official pastor and first lady of this tiny congregation. After driving for over two and a half hours, they made their way to a small East Texas town called Marshall. Later we learned that the Marshall area had been labeled the "Preacher's Graveyard". No ministers were suppose to be able to survive the crucial hardships of this area.
With no immediate family members here and only six official members to greet them, the situation was looking pretty dismal. However, they found God to be everything that He said He would be.

Many years later history has been made, and many memorial milestones have been accomplished. As we take a glimpse over our shoulders and look back toward our humble beginnings, all we can say is "To God be all glory". From 306 North Allen Street, where the Lord saved and filled many souls with the Holy Ghost, to 1603 West Houston Street, September 1976,  where He continued to bless and pour out His Shekinah Glory, to our present location 3949 West Pinecrest, May 1998 where He continues to shake the house through saving and filling with the Power of the Holy Ghost, God is performing signs, miracles, wonders and blessing His people with the desires of their hearts.
We're grateful that God has blessed us to produce a well rounded Ministry. Many auxiliaries, such as the Music Department, the Back-up Ministry, the Usher Board, the Sunday School Department, Nurses Guild, Youth Service Ministry, Newsletter Staff, Video/Cassette Tape Ministry, and many more, operate smoothly within the body of Christ and within the walls of the sanctuary because the people have a mind to work. God has continued to bless with the opening of two L&M Christian Daycare/Learning Centers, and in 2001 we began broadcasting across the Ark-La-Tex on television.

Under Bishop Kiel's auspicious leadership, the Marshall ministry has elevated from level to level. In the three steps of our church's movements, God blessed him to be able to pay for each property. Today we praise God for being able to shout the victory in a new edifice that was built debt-free and was appraised for well over a million dollars.
Ordained Senior Bishop (1988) of the Full Gospel Holy Temple churches, Inc. by the Overseer Apostle Lobias Murray, the Honorable Bishop Larry B. Kiel, Sr. stands as a tower of faith and strength because of his numerous spiritual accomplishments for the work of the Lord.



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