1 Peter 2:21-22 "For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps: Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth"

Bishop Larry B. Kiel, Sr. has an impeccable reputation of faithfulness, loyalty, dedication, and sacrifice that the work of God may prosper. He is a dedicated servant following in the steps of Christ. He has walked with God for the past 40 years in pure holiness.

Bishop Kiel's roots run deep in the Full Gospel Holy Temple Ministries, Inc. Under the awesome leadership of our Founder and Overseer, Apostle, Dr. Lobias Murray, Bishop answered the call to pastor Marshall Full Gospel Holy Temple in the year of 1972. He was ordained Senior Bishop of the Full Gospel Holy Temple Churches, Inc. in the year of 1988.

The spirit of evangelism is evident in his life. This man of God has traveled extensively carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has ministered in places such as the Bahamas, Trinidad, Jamaica, and overseas. God has used this man of God mightily in the cities of Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Davenport, Iowa; Memphis, Tennessee; and Bossier City, Louisiana. Bishop Kiel continues to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as long as there is a soul to be saved.

This great man of God is also a man of vision. He and First Lady Kiel currently serve as directors of L & S Christian Camp, executive directors of L & M Christian Daycare/Learning Center Inc., and they spread the Gospel of Christ through our Voice of Deliverance television broadcast. Over 19,500 viewers in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas enjoy the Word of God right in their living rooms. Bishop's vision didn’t end after reaching these goals, but his vision continues to unfold through numerous outreach ministries.

Bishop has also received community awards such as the Wiley College President's Club Member Award given by President Haywood Strickland and the Underwriter of the Year from KBWC for being longtime supporters of the radio station. The city of Marshall has even appointed Bishop Larry B. Kiel, Sr. as a special commissioner.

Bishop Kiel believes in the sanctity and unity of strong family values. God has blessed the Kiels with three sons and a great niece whom they raised in the fear of the Lord and in the admonition of holiness.

He has been chosen by God to be that end time preacher that God will use to pull down the strong holds of Satan. Bishop declares everywhere he goes that it is all about winning souls to Christ. He believes we are saved for such a time as this.

Although, the city of Marshall was denoted by many as "The Preacher’s Graveyard" yet thirty one years later Bishop is still declaring "THESE BONES WILL LIVE!"
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